Secure, Flexible File Replication Across Multiple Servers

Having multiple servers, whether physical or in the cloud, means access can be slowed for you and your employees especially if you only have one copy of a file. But with file replication, you can replicate that file on every server.

SureSync offers intelligent file replication, along with file transfer, synchronization, advanced status reporting, and secure data handling across multiple servers. It's designed for today's fast-paced digital environment.


File Replication Paired with Intelligent File Transfer

SureSync MFT further minimizes network impact by intelligently selecting the source file as close to the destination as possible. This reduces latency levels in WAN connections, ensuring your files are consistently up-to-date.

Unmatched File Transparency

With our detailed auditing and logging feature, you stay informed about the state of your data across all servers. Gain transparency on user file changes and ensure that your team

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Key Features

Intelligent File Transfer

Lessen latency impact & speed transfers with an efficient copy engine. “Store and Forward” technology minimizes WAN transfers.

Auditing & Logging

Detailed status and logging keep you informed on the state of your data across all machines, with transparency on user file changes.

File Locking

Prevent changes to the same file in multiple locations with multi-directional, real-time file locking to enable collaborative file replicas. 


Intelligent File Transfer to Minimize Network Impact

SureSync MFT's optimized copy engine:

  • Takes copy optimization to a new level by dramatically increasing performance in high-latency environments with "Store and Forward" feature.
  • Always knows the state of all machines to make smart decisions on copying data efficiently.
  • Decreases high latency levels to WAN connections by selecting the source file as close to the destination as possible when multiple machines have the most recent copy. 
  • Automatically updates the source destination to the remaining destinations when a remote office needs multiple copies of a file that exists in one office, sending a single file over the WAN.

The shorter the distance between files, the lower the latency and the faster your file synchronization completes.

Flexibility & Control

Scheduled or Continuous

Process files on a clock basis or as changes are made in real-time. Scheduling occurs per path, so you can have some paths processed in real-time and another once a night. Total flexibility!


Our Communications Agent unlocks enhanced functionality for Windows users. Data may also be processed through FTP and UNC paths on a scheduled basis. Data and file archives can be stored directly to Azure blob or Amazon S3.

Encryption & Compression

Securely transfer files with multiple FIPS-certified encryption algorithms. Minimize bandwidth consumption with compression, deltas, and other bandwidth and throttle controls.


Advanced Status & Reporting

SureSync MFT's File Status application enables you to:

  • Browse by file structure and Job perspectives to see the amount of work queued to be processed.
  • Display the history of changes easily with only a few mouse clicks.
  • View historical data on actions performed and export to CSV or Excel with the Job Log.
  • See a bird's eye view of the entire MFT environment with the Enterprise Status.
  • Get a real-time look at the current actions a Job is performing with the Detailed Status.
  • Retry individual actions easily and get e-mail notifications of important issues with the detailed Alert system.


Know where your files are and the status of copies with SureSync MFT.